BioTE ADK 5 (90 capsules)

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  • Dietary Supplement (Vitamins A, D3, & K2):Bone structure, density and integrity, proper bone remodeling, calcium utilization, cardiovascular function
  • Capsules:90

is a fat-soluble vitamin with multiple functions in the body. It is required for the normal development, growth and maintenance of the skeleton throughout life. It supports bone remodeling, a natural way the body removes old or weakened bone tissue in order to make room for new, stronger tissue. This process is critical to fracture repair and retaining bone density. It also plays a role in stimulating bone building cells to secrete proteins that are required for bone mineralization, including the K2 dependent protein called osteocalcin . Combined, Vitamins A and D support osteocalcin output and the regulation of bone remodeling.


is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism. It supports calcium absorption in the gut and also helps maintain adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone. It is needed for proper bone growth and bone remodeling. Without sufficient Vitamin D, bones can become thin brittle, or misshapen. Research shows that K2 partnered with Vitamin D3 optimizes and maintains a healthy balance of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. It also supports cardiovascular function and blood pressure within normal ranges and impacts heart health and vascular function.


is emerging as playing an essential role in our health and is rapidly redefining cardiovascular disease as an illness of nutritional deficiency. Vitamin K2 deficiency appears to be a factor in the development of diabetes and liver cancer. It also plays an essential role in bone metabolism and promoting healthy teeth. It helps guide calcium toward the areas of the body where it is needed, such as the skeleton, and away from areas where it could have a negative effect, such as the cardiovascular system .

Men and Women: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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